• Gluten Free Options


    Crunchy Homemade Granola
    Golden toasted oats & nuts, sewed with fresh fruit      $12.00

    Toasted Fruit Loaf
    Sewed with butter & jam or honey              $8.00

    Toasted Turkish Bread
    With a choice of spreads $9.00

    Toasted Bagel
    Choice of:
    – Jam & cream cheese $7.00
    – Avo, tomato & cream cheese    $8.00
    – Smoked salmon, tomato & cream cheese   $8.00

    Smashed Avo
    On a toasted bagel & poached egg   $12.00

    Bacon & Eggs
    Your choice of eggs & crispy bacon, served on Turkish bread   $14.00

    Gourmet Mince on Toast  
    New Zealand beef mince in rich gravy, served with crispy bacon, poached egg & parmesan cheese   $16.00


    Lambs Fry & Bacon
    In a rich onion gravy with crispy bacon & roasted tomato, served on toasted Turkish bread $16.00

    Sweet Corn Fritter Stack
    With crispy bacon, tomato, salsa & sour cream with salad $16.00

    Meatlovers Frying Pan
    Agria potatoes with ham, crispy sausage, red onion & harrisa sauce with poached eggs & toasted Turkish bread $17.00

    Big Latte
    Served with bacon, sausage, steak, creamy mushrooms, potato hash cake, eggs & toast $21.00

    Eggs Benedict 
    On toasted Turkish bread, baby spinach & 2 eggs, with:
    – Crispy bacon $17.00
    – Smoked salmon $18.00
    – Creamy mushrooms $17.00

    Hot Cakes 
    Served with crispy bacon & banana with maple syrup & whipped cream $16.00