Our mission is to provide an inviting café with a great atmosphere, with the additional benefits of excellent homemade food accompanied by a great coffee along with exceptional customer service 2 Fat Lattes opened in late Dec 2012 with the intention of supplying their customers with the best in-house baked goods in town, plus a great coffee. The main driver was to make everything in house, from the pastry to the homemade relishes and preserves as this would make our products the best available but would keep them affordable for all.

We also try to support local artists by displaying their works. If you are a local artist and wish to display some of your work, please come in and have a chat. Come in and have a look at our unique table tops, covered in traditional recipes out of old recipe books just like your Mums or your Nanas, before the internet was invented.

Everything is made on site and was a place that all customers would feel comfortable in visiting, either in a large group or on their own. We can cater for your morning tea shouts, right through to those important corporate functions.